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Customer Testimonials

Donny "Hollywood" Urban

"My relationship with American Race Cars got started by all the compliments Danny Waters, Jr. was giving in general conversation while we towed to Pittsburgh last year. There, he introduced me to Travis Colangelo who during the entire weekend never mentioned swaying me from any other brand he just sold himself as a great guy, easy to get along with and fun to hang out with. The following week I got a call from Mark Horton who just went into general conversation and it all went from that point forward. They sold themselves to me with their character, in addition to all of the positive remarks about the company and the people from racers like Danny and Luke Bogacki. I also spoke to Steve Furr who had nothing but great things to say.

Once I made the decision to purchase an American car, the entire deal has been so exciting and easily worked thru. When I went to pick up the new cars the entire staff at American treated me like we had been great friends for many years. They did anything they could to help in any way as well as worked three 16 hr days (At least) in a row to get the cars finished up and make sure I was happy with every detail. I enjoyed the entire time I spent with them and can't speak highly enough about them all. From our first conversation to the phone calls the next morning to make sure we made it home safe the staff at American Race Cars has been amazing. I've been in and around the racing business many years and only purchased 3 brands of cars in 20 years (and I have nothing at all negative to say about the others). I feel I have a home for the rest of my racing with AMERICAN RACE CARS and have gained some great friendships in each member of the ARC team."

Donny Urban

  • 3-time IHRA Top Ten Finisher
  • Former IHRA Division Champion
  • Former Bradenton 5-Day Points Champion
  • Multi-time Big Dollar Bracket Race Winner


Danny Waters, Jr.

"Over the years, I have driven just about every "major brand name" dragster you could drive. As most any racer knows, they all build good cars. I went with American Race Cars for many reasons. They were willing to add special options to my car at my request, even though they had never done so on any others prior to mine, and in some cases had to design the "add ons" just to fit my car.

Secondly, I was kept well informed as to the progress of my car as it was being built. Mark Horton is not only a business man, he is a racer as well. He knows what we want and expect out of a chassis builder, and he is as straight and honest of a guy as you will meet. Travis is an awesome fabricator and welder. He sent me pictures as my car was being built. That kept me excited, as you can imagine.

Also, "service after the sell". What more can I say. Travis comes over (when he is at the same race we are at), and looks over the entire car. He checks nuts, bolts, himes, welds....everything! That makes you feel good, to know they care, even after the car has been picked up from the shop and well raced. I can't thank them enough for all that they do and have done for me. The quality and workmanship of an American car are un-surpassed

Lastly, the car and it's performance are second to none! When I'm in a slump driving the finish line, I know I can put a number in/on the car, and it will produce winning consistency ALL DAY LONG! It doesn't matter if track temps are dead hot in the middle of summer of on the brink of freezing in the winter, my American Race Cars Patriot swing-arm dragster goes down the track EVERY TIME! I race alot, and it helps to know I can depend on my car. I could not be more satisfied with my choice!  Thank you Mark, Travis, and the staff at American Race Cars!"

Danny Waters, Jr.

  • Two-Time IHRA World Champion
  • Multi-time IHRA National & Divisional Winner

John Parkes

"As a dealer for American Racecars it has been a pleasure to work with Mark Horton and Travis Colangelo. American Dragsters have become the hot ticket in the dragster world. Not only do they build world class cars, they provide world class service as well."

John Parkes

Chrome-Worx Performance


Steve Furr

"I have driven almost every brand of dragster out there and I have to say this American dragster is a good piece.  I currently own a 2007 American swing arm 235" dragster.  It has been deadly consistent at 60 foot and performed well with my small motor setup going around 4.60-4.70 in the 1/8th mile.  I have also made a few passes with my big motor stuff and had .99 sixty foot times.  I am sure it will go fast with no problems, but to date I have only gone 6.70's at around 195 miles per hour.  The car handles great and the swing arm setup is fast, light, and most important safe.  No wishbone.

For the first time in my life, I had a dragster built turn key and picked it up on the way to Canada to race.  I stopped at American Race Cars and put transmission fluid in it, cranked it up and set the ignition system, and loaded it in the trailer.  It went 7.28 on the first pass down the track on motor.  No issues at all.

American Race Cars is owned by my good friend Mark Horton and another great guy Travis Colangelo.  These guys are racers and really understand what racers want and need in a dragster.  I have seen them stand behind their work and bend over backwards to make things right.  You will not find a better bunch of people in the dragster business.  I will be a repeat customer."

Steve Furr

  • 2-time IHRA Sportsman Driver of the Year
  • 3-time IHRA World Champion
  • 5-time IHRA All-Star Shootout Champion


Luke Bogacki

 "In my racing career, I have been fortunate to have the opportunity to drive just about every major dragster chassis builders car at some point or another. You won’t hear me say that one specific chassis builders design is hands down better than another. If you’ve got a swing-arm dragster built by a reputable fabricator, odds are you can make it work. With that being said, I’ve had three American Race Cars dragsters of my own, and I’ve driven a handful of others. I’ve had combinations that ran anywhere from 7.0’s to 8.10’s, and with minor suspension adjustments all have been extremely consistent and dependable.

What sets American Race Cars apart from the rest, for me, isn’t the quality of their work or the craftsmanship and consistency of their cars (although both are phenomenal). What sets them apart is customer service and general business sense. As I said, I’ve had the opportunity to purchase three American Cars for my personal use to date. My first was only about the tenth car to come off of the American jig. Mark Horton and Travis Colangelo have, since day one, been completely forward and honest with me. They have done everything they’ve said they’d do and more. They have constantly made small changes from their normal design (additional brackets, moving components to fit my needs, etc.) to meet my personal needs.

If you’re considering purchasing a new dragster, and you’re shopping around the major chassis builders, I can say this much. The quote that American extends to you will be the final price when you pick up your car. The date that American tells you your car will be ready will be the date you can pick it up. If you have any issues or questions at any point with your American car, you can call Mark Horton or Travis Colangelo any day of the week and get immediate assistance. In my experience, those attributes are unmatched, and you can‘t put a price tag on that type of service or peace of mind. When you combine those factors with one of the nicest, cleanest, and best working cars on the market, the decision is a no-brainer for me. I will be an American customer for years to come."

Luke Bogacki

  • 2008 IHRA Sportsman Driver of the Year
  • 2-time Bracket Series Division Champion
  • 4-time IHRA Division Champion


Ray Wilkins

"I just wanted to give a special thanks out to Mark Horton,Travis Colangelo and all the crew at American Race Cars. They may be the most courteous and professional business in the racing industry. Thanks for all the little extras you did on the car that some companys would not do because of cost factor, but you guys do it for all your customers. Money is not the most important thing with you guys quality and building relationships is. You told me on the way home I could stop and race the car anywhere with no adjustments. And you were right. Car ran perfect right out of the gate. Thanks again guys you deserve it." 

Ray Wilkins 

  • 2007 Pittsburgh Raceway Park Track Champion


Chris “Spanky” Wilson

 "I first heard of American Race Cars late in 2005 while I was dynoing a motor with John Kyle of APD. He took me and introduced me to Mark Horton and Travis Colangelo. Like other racers, I had driven about every brand of race car. After talking with Mark & Travis about the design and set-up of the cars, I decided to purchase my first American Race Car. Dealing with Mark & Travis was very easy and hassle free. Once I ordered my car, they delivered exactly when they said they would.  I brought the car back to the Northeast Division, a place where no one had ever seen their cars. Within the first few months of racing with my American dragster, I had won multiple events. 
Since racing the car in the 2006 season, I have raced four American Race cars. Several of my fellow racers in this area have purchased cars from Mark & Travis. 
I have always done well with every car I’ve raced and they seem to get better with everyone I get. I enjoy talking with Mark & Travis about racing and the cars and have a good personal and professional relationship with both.   They always have time to take a call and answer any questions I may have. It is rare to see a car builder that puts so much time and effort into their cars.
If you are considering buying a new race car, call Mark & Travis. You’ll love having the American Race Car experience from beginning to end!!
I am an American Race Car driver for life. As long as Mark & Travis make them, I’ll be driving one of their amazing cars…."
Chris "Spanky" Wilson
  • Track Champion
  • N.E.D. Race of Champions Winner
  • Multiple Big Dollar Bracket Racing Winner
  • Moroso 5 Day Runner-Up
  • BTE Winner
  • Drag Race Results Race Winner




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